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When Compact Discs were first introduced during the early 1980s they received widespread acclaim for the clarity and quality of their sound. Today, they’re still highly regarded by audio enthusiasts and a dedicated player is the ideal way to bring the best out of your collection.

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CD player separates from Sony - versatile audio performance

Enjoy quality and versatility

CD player separates from Sony offer high quality playback support for a range of formats including SACD (Super Audio CD). The successor to the standard CD, SACDs provide enhanced storage capacity, fidelity and dynamic range. Our CD players are also compatible with CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs.

Other ways to enjoy a rich audio experience

Blu-ray Disc™ Players from Sony

Blu-ray Disc™ Players

As well as movies, did you know you can also play CDs on a Blu-ray Disc™ Player?

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